Pawn Exchange

February 23rd, 2007



Dear Mum,

I was walking through Larnaca town centre a couple of weeks ago when I was stopped by a stunningly beautiful female who I would guess was in her early 30’s.

She said with an American accent, “Do you speak English?

I’ll have a go!”, I said

She really was gorgeous. In spite of her being American, I immediately fell in love.

She said, “Do you know if there’s a pawn shop around here?

How are you spelling ‘pawn’?”, I said.

She reddened slightly and laughed, and actually punched me, before clarifying that it was indeed a pawn shop she was after, which was supposed to be around here somewhere.

But it wasn’t such a stupid question because I do know where there’s a sex shop in Larnaca! I’ve walked past it several times (never been inside, I hasten to add!)

Well it could have been what she meant! And as I don’t know of any pawn shops in Larnaca, I was only going to be able to help her if she was the kind of girl I’d probably like to get to know better!

Sadly, I haven’t clapped eyes on her since! 😥


©MPB 23/February/2007
Stamp courtesy of either the Post Office or the Royal Mail, not sure which!


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