Winter Weather Wesumé

March 30th, 2007




Dear Mum,

I was told before I came to Cyprus in October that the winters here can be pretty cold. It wasn’t a lie!

Having said that, it’s perfectly safe to bring your pet brass monkey here in the winter, although you’d be well advised not to let him wander off into the Troodos Mountains, especially at night! It would only end in tears. This photo taken at the ski resort in the mountains bears witness to that.

Below a certain temperature though, cold is cold, wherever you are. Anyone who thinks that wintering on this particular Mediterranean island is somehow preferable to the UK is sadly misguided, from a weather point of view anyway (it does have other compensations). It really doesn’t matter that it may be 10ºC in Cyprus and 0ºC in the UK. You still need to be wearing the same winter clothing and have the heating on. The nights in particular can be very chilly here; there’s rarely any cloud cover to trap the heat.

My balcony though, is quite a sun-trap; there were many days over the winter when I was able to soak up the sun. But the buildings here are so well insulated against the summer heat that even on a relatively warm winter’s day, it’s still freezing indoors. You can be sunbathing on the balcony and feeling too hot, and within a few minutes of coming inside you’re chopping up the furniture to build a fire!

But it’s starting to warm up a bit now. The temperature has been steadily climbing for the past two or three weeks, although it’s still way too cold to sit outside in the evening. I’ve witnessed a few people sunbathing on the beach recently, and I’ve even heard reports that some of them have been swimming in the sea.

Personally, I won’t be inflating my water wings just yet! I doubt I’ll even roll up my trousers, stick a knotted handkerchief on my head, and go for a paddle until after Easter. But I’ve certainly been taking full advantage of the morning sun on the balcony. I’m starting to get a bit of colour at last.

I’ll leave you with some advice from my favourite guide book:

Obtain suntan gradually rather than immediately as of the fact that sunburn might be only the beginning of health hazards

Thanks! I’ll bear it in mind…


©MPB 30/March/2007


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