Wobbling Weblogs!

April 20th, 2007



Dear Mum,

It’s been a strange week here weather-wise. It was very cold on Tuesday; I even considered putting the heating on for a while in the evening. And the Gods were very angry on Wednesday; lots of thunder and lightning. And according to the weather reports that I’ve seen, most parts of the UK have been unseasonably warm this week  –  much hotter than here.

Nothing exciting has happened this week, unless you count watching the plumber trip and fall over. That was funny! My imbibing studies are going well. Starting to pick up the pace a bit now. And I’m meeting up with Declan and Anna this weekend. Looking forward to that.

I had orginally planned to use Blogger for this weblog, but I had to abandon the idea and switch to WordPress for technical reasons. But before I switched, I had already written my first piece in Blogger  –  the one entitled Preface.

Amazing as it may sound, Blogger did not have the word Weblog in its spellcheck. It suggested the word ‘Wobble’ as an alternative!

So where I’d written ‘Weblogs have been around in one form or another since the early 90’s’, it wanted me to say ‘Wobbles have been around in one form or another since the early 90’s.’

It sounds so much better!

I’m sure that the history of wobbling must go back a lot further than that though. I had a look on the internet, but I could find no mention of the first wobble. Someone must have been the first person to do it! But sadly, history didn’t record it. Maybe it even goes back as far as Adam and his apple. Although I guess it was probably more likely to have been Eve who wobbled first!

The spellcheck also suggested that where I’d written ‘I discovered that blogging is actually quite fun’, that I should replace it with ‘flogging is actually quite fun’.

Each to his own!

Wobble is such a lovely word. It’s not exactly onomatopoeic, but it definitely has that feel to it. We should all try to use this word more in our daily lives. Have a go!

Maybe we should have a National Wobbling Day!

Or better still, perhaps a National NO Wobbling Day!

That one would probably be a bit tough on the Americans though! Most of them can’t even get through five minutes of the day without wobbling uncontrollably!

Or how about we all start using the word Wobble as a polite euphemism for a swear word?

The possibilities are endless:

“Wobble off!”

“Get wobbled!”

“Who the wobble was that?”

“Wobble you!”

“I’m completely wobbled”


. . . etc. etc.

How could anyone possibly be offended?


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A note to all my American readers, who I’ve probably lost by now!

Jam is not called jelly  –  it’s called jam!

Jelly is called jelly  –  not jello!

The word jello does not exist in the English language.

Nor does aluminum!

Got that, George?


©MPB 20/April/2007


One Response to Wobbling Weblogs!

  1. I Am Blog says:

    LOL Oh I so have to start using the word wobble! Thank you for the new word and the giggle.

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