Seismic Cyprus and Tsunamis


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April 30th, 2007




Dear Mum,

I watched the film Mr Deeds again on Friday night. Not a great film. Just an OK film. But it was great to see that scene again where Adam Sandler climbs up the drainpipe and rescues all those cats from the burning building. Hilarious! If you haven’t seen it of course, you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

I wasn’t going to write a letter today. After such a long letter on Friday, I was going to give everyone the day off. I wish I had! I had such a bad-typing day yesterday. I kept making so many smelling pistakes. It drove me mad! By the time I’d finished writing this letter, there was Tippex all over the screen!

But the reason I felt moved to put fingers to keyboard was that I saw in the UK news that there was an earthquake in Kent at 08:19 on Saturday morning, with its epicentre just off Dover. It wasn’t very big as earthquakes go  –  about 4.3 I think. And it only lasted a few seconds. But it was felt as far away as Suffolk.

I’ve never experienced an earthquake  –  and I have no particular desire to. I’d like to swim with dolphins, and I’d like to have Eva Longoria pose naked for me so I can write a song about her (I’m useless at painting). But shaking, rattling and rolling to an earthquake is one pleasure I will happily forego.

Unfortunately, it’s something about which we don’t have much of a choice. When an earthquake hits, you’re completely powerless. There’s nowhere to run, and there’s nowhere to hide. You’re trapped. It’s up to the Gods.

One of the first eyewitness reports of the Kent earthquake that I read was Lt Col Sydney Carr from Deal who said,

I have experienced an earthquake in Cyprus and the tremors this morning were definitely similar…

Cyprus? That rang a bell. Isn’t that where I am right now?

Jumping Jehosaphat and Great Caesar’s Ghost! How much danger am I in?

Time to do a bit of sleuthing and see if I picked the wrong island. I know that Turkey has quite a few earthquakes, and it’s only just across the road from Cyprus. And I remember reading a while ago that they reckon there’s a big one on the way soon.

The first page I read on the internet said,

It is well known that Cyprus is prone to earthquakes. Rarely a day goes by without a minor tremor, mostly imperceptible. Major ones are, fortunately, rare but in the past there have been some very severe ones which have devastated large areas and caused many deaths.


In recent times, one earthquake in September 1953 in the Paphos region caused considerable destruction and killed 63 persons. Since then, there have been few severe ones with relatively little destruction and few fatalities.

‘Few’ fatalities doesn’t really do it for me! I’d feel so much safer reading NO fatalities.

The article went on to talk about the risk of a tsunami  –  and there is a risk, albeit a very small one  –  which is something I hadn’t even considered.

The most likely risk is to the South coast.

Jumping Jack Flash and Great Balls Of Fire! I’m on the South Coast! 😕

The article concluded that ‘The risk of earthquakes in Cyprus is omnipresent.

The only thing I like about that last sentence is the use of the word ‘omnipresent’. A fine word! Like Omnibus. I must try and find a use for Omnipresent sometime.

More recently, as far as I can make out there was a reasonably strong earthquake just off the south-west coast of Cyprus back in 1996 which measured about 6.8 on Charlie Richter’s scale. And there was one in 1999 measuring 5.6.

Nothing more recent?

Well, now you come to mention it…

Apparently, there was an earthquake in Larnaca on October 15th last year, six days after I arrived, measuring around 4.7  –  about the same as the one in Kent.

So where was I at the time? How come I’m totally unaware of it? I never felt a thing!

Well, the explanation for that can probably be found in the fact that the earth quaked at 4.35am. I was in the midst of a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli, and during which the brain in humans and other mammals undergoes a characteristic cycle of brain-wave activity that includes intervals of dreaming.

That’s where I was. Fast asleep! Being bitten to death by omnipresent fiendish thingies! And if I’d had some light refreshment the previous evening, which seems likely, then it would have taken a lot more than a paltry 4.7 external Richter stimuli to bring me to my senses.

Oh well, at least I can say I’ve experienced an earthquake, even if I did sleep right through it. But I can’t exactly say that I felt the earth move.

Now, Eva Longoria, that desperate little housewife  –  she could make the earth move for me…


ps  Teri Hatcher would do if Eva’s busy.


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There is no mention in the bible of Jehosaphat ever jumping  –  either someone talked him out of it, or he was pushed.


©MPB 30/April/2007
Earthquake information courtesy of Cyprus: The Environment


2 Responses to Seismic Cyprus and Tsunamis

  1. daglish daniel says:

    oh my, how i would die to visit heaven before am dead! unfortunately it aint possible coz the moment u go, no turning back. but if only Eva longoria could just give me a glimpse of what lays under her inner most lingerie then i shall surely come close to visiting heaven alive. Please Mrs Gabrielle Solis, give me a peep.

  2. richie says:

    I actually stumbled upon this site looking for seismic earthquake data for Cyprus. I clicked the image (that was among a bunch of map images of cyprus in google)curious as to the relation of a random cheerleader and earthquakes. Low and behold i find, what some one hoped to be, a cleverly disguised blog using poor Eva as bait. Shame, i thought it was cute but this site is as empty as a blockbuster video rental on a Tuesday night.

    At-least we get a little of Eva 😉

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