Helping Hands

July 20th, 2007

Dear Mum,

Very few motorcyclists in Cyprus wear crash helmets. The majority of those that do wear German army helmets. It’s a bizarre sight.

It’s against the law in Cyprus not to wear a crash helmet, but most people seem to flaunt it. On any school day, you can see loads of children being delivered and collected on motorbikes/scooters/mopeds. I’ve never yet seen a child wearing a crash helmet. It’s madness!

Joining in the madness is a man in his 50’s who rides around Larnaca all day, every day, on a moped/scooter. He never wears a crash helmet. His right hand is always on the throttle, and in his left hand  –   he always carries a tray full of drinks!

That’s how he makes his living. By delivering food and drinks from a nearby café to shop-owners, building workers etc.

Notwithstanding the fact that riding a two-wheeled motorised vehicle without a crash helmet, with only one free hand on the controls whilst carrying a tray of drinks in the other, is a somewhat foolhardy exercise, you’d think that plastic cups with lids would be a sensible idea. Not a bit of it. It’s all china and glass. Walk along any street in the vicinity and you’ll see empty cups and glasses on doorsteps waiting to be collected next time he’s passing.

I’ve often seen him going in and out of a small kiosk/supermarket, always empty-handed. He heads straight for one of the fridges where he keeps a can of Keo, which he replaces with another as soon as he’s drunk it.

So not only is he riding without a crash helmet, and without due care and attention, and without sufficient control  –  and presumably without spilling anything!  –  but he’s also riding around under the influence of alcohol.

But hey  –  this is Cyprus. The police station is probably one of his best customers.

And all of that is not in the slightest bit connected with the fact that while I was in hand5.jpghand6.jpgthis supermarket the other day, one of the girls who works there came out of the backroom into the shop and walked past me. I couldn’t help noticing that she had the wet imprint of a hand on each buttock. It was very obvious.

I turned back to look in the direction she’d just come from, and saw the proprietor emerge from the doorway drying his hands on a towel.  😆

Nice work if you can get it…!


©MPB 20/July/2007


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