Eva Longoria


Dear Mum,

Eva Longoria plays Gabrielle Solis in the TV series Desperate Housewives.

I’ve mentioned Eva Longoria a couple of times in previous Letters. Her name usually generates about 6 hits a week on this site from people who’ve done a search for her.

If you’ve been following my Journal, then you will have read that for some extraordinary reason which I can’t fathom, searches for Eva Longoria have generated over 800 hits in the last ten days. They must all be terribly disappointed at what they find here.

There have even been a number of searches for Eva Longoria’s feet! But I’m not one to pass moral judgement. What consenting adults do with the terminal parts of their legs in the privacy of their own homes is entirely up to them.

But I hate to think of all those people travelling to this site from all over the world and going home empty handed. So just for them, here’s a small selection of photos of Miss Longoria. Or Mrs Parker as I suppose she is now.

ps   sorry they’re all upside down, but an awful lot of visitors are from the Southern hemisphere.


[Click on any image to see full size]


Well I hope that’s made the trip worthwhile. I just hope that Eva doesn’t mind being upside down. You don’t mind, do you Eva?



One Response to Eva Longoria

  1. evafan says:

    What yummy feet she has!

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