Let There Be Light

Dear Mater,

I wrote in the Journal on June 7th,

Couldn’t get the key in the door when I got home. Never can. It’s always so dark. Someone should put a light outside.

Well, in truth there is a light outside. It’s just that there isn’t a light switch!

The entrance to my apartment is on the right hand side of the building, up an alley. The alley is wide enough for cars, which is just as well because it’s the only way they can get to the covered parking area under the first floor at the back of the building, where there’s room for about six cars.

It’s well lit, and there’s a movement sensor which activates the lights whenever a car enters at night. At least, it’s supposed to, but one of the occupants was complaining the other day that the sensor never works. Indeed, I’ve jumped up and down on many occasions trying to activate the sensor at night, because the alley is very dark and I often have a lot of trouble finding the right key and finding the front door lock.

Nothing to do with alcohol intake, before you leap to that conclusion.

Hmmmm. Maybe once…!

But there have been many times during the last 10 months when I’ve wished that there was a light switch outside the building to activate those lights, and for the life of me I don’t understand why there isn’t. It’s a bad design fault.

It was very dark when I got home last night, and I did my usual bit of jumping up and down to try and activate the movement sensor. A vain attempt, as always. I had more trouble than usual finding the right key. And when I did, I couldn’t find the lock. It took me ages to get inside the building.

This morning, having put up with this nonsense for nearly a year, I decided to phone the agents and get them to send someone to fix the sensor. And suggest that where there’s a light, a light switch can often be a useful accompanying feature.

There was no reply. Try again later.

So I popped to the shop for some milk, and just as I was about to enter the front door to the building, I noticed a light switch on the wall, on the opposite side of the alley just as you enter the parking area.

I tried it.

The lights came on!

And I imagine that it’s always been there…


©MPB 10/August/2007


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