Snippets II – Part 2

Dear Mum,

A group of British revellers in their early twenties were sitting at a nearby table, playing word games.

“Name 10 islands in the Mediterranean”

“Majorca, Ibiza,”

Or to be more accurate  –  “Ibeefa”,

“Malta, Sicily, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes…”

They were going well.

“Corsica, Sardinia…”

They were stuck for a tenth one.

Eventually someone said,


No-one questioned it…

And no-one said Cyprus!

– – – – –

“Name 10 countries in the Mediterranean”

Spain, France, Italy, Greece…

(long pause)

This was obviously a tough one!


Yup. Five to go.


Ok. It’s a British Overseas Territory, but I guess it’s officially classed as a country. And it is on the Mediterranean side of the Strait of Gibraltar. So it just scrapes in.

“What are them Yugoslav countries called now?”


This was accepted. Presumably because no-one knew any different! Even I had to look that one up when I got home. I knew that Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro all had Mediterranean coastlines. But I thought that Bosnia was stopped short of the Med by Croatia. Well it turns out that Bosnia has about 1km of access to the Med. A lucky strike!

No-one suggested any of the other four former Yugoslav countries.

Seven down. Three to go.

Was it really that tough? Don’t they teach geography in schools any more?

Someone had a brainwave.


Two more please.

Believe it or not, they gave up at this point and went on to ‘Name the Ten Commandments.’ I knew there was little hope with that one, although they were quite inventive and came up with quite a few things they definitely shouldn’t do…!

But what about all the North African countries? Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt.

And the Middle-Eastern countries. Israel, Lebanon, Syria.

Their minds were all fixed on European countries, of which they’d only left out Albania and Monaco, I think.

And last but not least,


– – – – –

“Name Snow White’s ten dwarfs”

They all thought that was hilarious!

Alcohol will do that to you every time.

But they had a go at the Seven and then made up a few of their own. I think they probably ended up with about 20 Dwarfs in all, including Prancer and Dancer!

The only other additions I can remember are Gropey, Sleazy, Stroppy, Lanky and Dipsticky!

Plus a couple that were too rude to mention before the 9 o’clock watershed!

They missed out Bashful and Doc though. Everyone always does…


©MPB 17/September/2007


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