March 2008

Mon   17th     Crisis! What Crisis?


February 2008

Fri      29th     Licensed To Circulate
Fri      15th     Mosquito Uprising
Mon     4th     Dirty Cars and Ostrich Eyes


January 2008

Mon   21st     Smiling At Strangers
Fri      18th     Respect
Fri      11th     €uro Update
Mon     7th     Raindrops On Rooftops
Fri        4th     MMVIII – Resolutions and Light Bulbs


December 2007

Fri       14th     Christmas Card From Larnaca
Mon    10th      €-Day  –  Fictional Facts and Oxymorons  
Tue      4th      Cashpoint Flashpoint II


November 2007

Mon   26th       Hob Knobs And HobNobs
Fri      23rd      The End Of The Tether Is Nigh
Fri      16th      Cat Alley And The Alley Cats
Mon     5th       Purple’s Allergy


October 2007

No Letters during October


September 2007

Fri     28th      Letter L  –  BT v CYTA
Mon  17th      Snippets II  –  Part 2
Fri     14th      Snippets II  –  Part 1
Fri       7th      Remote Possibilities


August 2007

Fri     31st      Postcard From Larnaca IV
Mon  27th      Comedy Of Blunders
Fri     24th      Cashpoint Flashpoint
Mon  20th      It’s Just Not Cricket
Fri     17th      Tales Of The Cyprus Bank
Fri     10th      Let There Be Light
Fri       3rd      Legless In Larnaca


July 2007

Mon  30th     Postcard From Larnaca III
Fri     27th     Spiders and Snakes
Mon  23rd     Eva Longoria 
Fri     20th     Helping Hands
Fri     13th     What A Dummy!
Fri       6th     Smoking Cyprus


June 2007

Fri     29th     Snippets
Mon  25th     Trivia! Huh! What Is It Good For?
Fri     22nd    Postcard From Larnaca II
Mon  18th     Tales Of Senile Decay
Fri     15th     The Case Of The Wireless Thief
Mon  11th     And Some Fell On Stony Ground…
Mon    4th     The Peanut Butter Experience
Fri       1st      Postcard From Larnaca


May 2007

Mon  28th     Just When You Thought It Was Safe…
Fri     25th     Identity Crisis
Mon  21st     Cleopatra and The Lift
Mon  14th     Local Knowledge
Fri     11th     Comme Ci, Comme Ça Update
Thu   10th     Comme Ci, Comme Ça
Mon    7th     Sex-Toy Banned In Cyprus
Fri       4th     Nuts In May


April 2007

Mon  30th     Seismic Cyprus and Tsunamis
Fri     27th     Limassol, Troodos, and Psycho Reports
Mon  23rd     St George’s Day and Hock-tide
Fri     20th     Wobbling Weblogs!
Mon  16th     Aphrodite and The Two Psychos
Fri     13th     Don’t Get Up!
Mon    9th     In Space, No-One Can Hear You Sneeze
Fri       6th     Sneezily Transmitted Diseases
Mon    2nd     Playing A Round In Cyprus


March 2007

Fri     30th      Winter Weather Wesumé
Mon  26th      The Plumber and The Drummer
Fri     23rd      The Psychic Barber
Mon  19th      Do, Dough, Dozy, D’oh, Dough and D’oh
Fri     16th      The Butcher And The Bitch
Fri       9th      Fiendish Thingies
Fri       2nd     Driving In Cyprus


February 2007

Mon  26th     The Man Who Eats Dog Food
Fri     23rd     Pawn Exchange
Mon  19th     Green Monday and Pancake Day
Fri     16th     Salt Lake and Flamingoes
Fri       9th     Cleopatra
Mon    5th     Arrival
Mon    5th     Preface



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