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Tales Of The Cyprus Bank
Cyprus Info
It’s Just Not Cricket
Legless In Larnaca


Seismic Cyprus And Tsunamis
Playing A Round In Cyprus
Local Knowledge
Just When You Thought It Was Safe…
Journal – May 24
Wobbling Weblogs!
Comme Ci, Comme Ça Update
St George’s Day and Hock-tide (under Late Entry)
The Plumber and The Drummer
Fiendish Thingies

7 Responses to Comments

  1. alfie says:

    who are you? got your text but didnt recognize number

  2. Priapus says:

    Nice one Alfie! On the ball, as ever! 😆

    There may have been a clue in the signature at the end of the text!

    ps I’ve sent you an email which should clarify the mystery.

  3. Gina O. says:

    Great, i love your style. very entertaining.

    I found you by accident and have taken the last hour reading it all when I should doing other things. How do you find the time ?

  4. claire says:

    stony ground? more like the rock face of the Eiger! very funny non the less and waiting for the next installment of laughing Lollitas from Larnaca! how are you me old mate? sorry i haven’t been in touch in ages.I can’t multi-task as well as some other girls. I’ll be sending that funny photo you can go Oh!!

  5. tovorinok says:

    Hi all!

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  6. alfie says:

    hey martin!!! probably on the wrong thread but just wanted to say happy new year, come and visit us sometimes, lovely grey sky here…

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